A – Final

Four boats took off the start, but there were some steering problems that caused all crews to need to adjust. Once the race pace got settled, it was France One in the lead.

In the test race, the French crew of Remy Taranto and Antoine Jesel finished 10 seconds faster than the British crew. In the third 500m, Great Britain’s Daniel Brown and Oliver Stanhope took up their rate and pushed ahead of France One. This move earned them the gold medal. In the meantime, France Two got the better of Italy to take bronze.

Results: GBR, FRA1, FRA2, ITA

Oliver Stanhope (b), Great Britain, gold
“We were nervous coming into the new event and we just wanted to see what we could do. We had a shaky start but we settled into a good rhythm.”

Antoine Jesel (s), France, silver
“We did not have a good start, but we had some good speed and we were in first up until the 1000m mark. We have a hard time finding a rhythm and the English overtook us.

Laurent Viala (b), France, bronze
“It is an old boat but a new composition. It has been 10 days since we have been rowing together so we are happy with the race but we can always do better. We had some error with the steering so that cost us a bit of time.”