The Netherlands boat of Annika van der Meer and Corne de Koning won the preliminary race earlier in the week and they were out on front today right from the start. Poland was the early challenger before they started to fade and Ukraine took over in second. As the race progressed the Dutch duo managed to get further and further out in front, leaving a right royal battle to go on between Ukraine and Poland. Van der Meer and de Koning remained easily in front using long reaching strokes to stay in front. At the finish the Dutch had recorded a new World Championship best time as well as winning a World Championship gold medal. Ukraine’s Iaroslav Koiuda and Iryna Kyrychenko won the tussle for second with Poland in third.


Annika Van Der Meer (b), Netherlands, gold
“This is a great race! It was our best race of the season. This was such a great relief.”

Iryna Kyrychenko (s), Ukraine, silver
“The race was very painful, I am very tired now, but I am happy with the result.”

Michal Gadowski (b), Poland, bronze
“Ukraine was too strong for us right now, it was a really tough race. We’ll hope to improve next year.”