A – Final

It would be hard to look past Birgit Skarstein of Norway. She is the current World Champion and is on an unbeaten streak at present. Skarstein took off at a 38 stroke rate pace ahead of Moran Samuel of Israel. Samuel is the Paralympic silver medallist and has a huge amount of experience in this sport. Skarstein got to the first 500m in the lead with Samuel following in second. Following in third was the up-and-cming Anna Sheremet of Ukraine. The 18-year-old Sheremet finished second at World Rowing Cup II and at present was sitting in third.

Skarstein settled into a 33 stroke rate pace to keep in the lead with Samuel also on 33 but seemed to have less power. Skarstein went to 35 in the close of the race and finished with a very comfortable lead. Samuel held on to second and Sheremet took third.

Results: NOR, ISR, UKR, GER, SWE

Birgit Skarstein, Norway, Gold
“This race was really important to us as we were testing out some small technical changes and this just confirmed it for us. Small changes like how I would drop the oar into the water. It’s a very small detail but it adds up over 2000 meters.”

Moran Samuel, Israel, Silver
“I found it a little disappointing how we didn’t get to race the test race and test the conditions. I’m happy that we got to race and the head wind makes it very difficult especially in our boats as we’re not very aerodynamic. Today was a good challenge and I’m really happy to race Birgit as she is a great athlete.”

Anna Sheremet, Ukraine, Bronze
“The race was fine. There was a strong wind so I found it quite difficult. I’m okay with my result but I wanted to fight for silver.” 

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