Birgit Skarstein of Norway has had a great season. She won at World Rowing Cup II and earlier this week set a World Best Time at that event. Paralympian and former World Champion Skarstein has really embraced this new 2000m distance. She was in the lead at the start with Paralympic bronze medallist, Moran Samuel of Israel following in second. Then it was the rest of the field fighting it out for third. Skarstein kept her speed up coming through the middle of the race staying in the lead. Samuel had now broken away from the bunch and was firmly in second and chasing Skarstein.

Germany’s Sylvia Pille-Steppart was now establishing herself in the bronze medal spot. Pille-Steppart finished second at World Rowing Cup II and is definitely an athlete to look out for. The order had now been decided and Skarstein crossed the line to take her second World Championship title.


Birgit Skarstein, Norway, gold
“Race was really hard, I had a tough start and had to make my way through the field. But I’m super happy now.”

Moran Samuel, Israel, silver
“I thought I’ll give it a try to beat Birgit, but she’s a wonderful competitor. The conditions were a little bit rough today and I am still trying to understand what is a good speed for me for 2km racing.”

Sylvia Pille-Steppart, Germany, bronze
“This was my first A-final at the world championships ever. It was a bit windy, but overall a really good race. It was great rowing past the grandstand with all those people cheering. That helped a lot.”


Lili Wang of China took silver at the 2016 Paralympic Games. This was after just two years in the sport. She raced at the head of the field in today’s B-final. Behind Wang Hungary’s Krisztina Lorincz slotted into second and Mexico followed in third. Over this new-for-2017 distance of 2000m, this race became more of a procession as it went towards the finish line. Nothing changed in the order.

Results: CHN, HUN, MEX