A – Final

Birgit Skarstein is reigning World Champion in this boat class. In the test race here in Linz-Ottensheim, she broke her own World Best Time by 23 seconds. Off the start, she quickly took the lead and settled into a blistering race pace.

Ukraine’s Anna Sheremet settled into the second position, but Germany’s Sylvia Pille-Steppart was challenging hard. Coming into the last 500 metres, Germany was just two seconds behind. Skarstein snatched the gold, Sheremet silver and Pille-Steppart was just one second behind with the bronze.

Results: NOR, UKR, GER, ITA

Birgit Skarstein, Norway, gold
“That was good, I found the wind was quite tricky. I think there was a head wind, then a tail wind and then a cross-wind but I really tried to get into the rhythm and then at the 1300 meters I made a push until the end. I’ll be racing in the World Rowing Champions next.”

Anna Sheremet, Ukraine, silver
“I was hoping for a good result, I did my best out there but there was definitely more pressure as the field was bigger than in Belgrade, but we all raced each other before in Gavirate.”

Sylvia Pille-Steppart, Germany, bronze
“After the heats I sort of expected to come second, so I think the race we okay. I was sort of fighting with Anna Sheremet the whole race.” 

Re-watch the live race here