The 2014 World Champions, Gavin Bellis and Kathryn Ross of Australia got away with the bunch, but it was Brazil's Michel Gomes Pessanha and Josiane Lima who were the early leaders. It was, however, incredibly close with five boats all within a foot of each other. Only the Netherlands was a bit off the pace.

Bellis and Ross got to the 500m mark the quickest with Great Britain's Laurence Whiteley and Lauren Rowles now the closest challengers. But still there was nothing in it between five boats. France was in the mix and the crowd was going wild. Bellis and Ross were at a 39 stroke rate with Whiteley and Rowles keeping up at a 35 stroke rate pace. France's Perle Bouge and Stephane Tardieu, at 40, were giving it their all. Australia retained their title, Great Britain debuted internationally with a stunning silver medal and France snatched a well deserved bronze.


Gavin Bellis (b) – AUS – gold
“It’s amazing to have such a close race, it is great for the sport.”

Lauren Rowles (s) – GBR – silver
“We just enjoyed the racing as our coach told us to do. We are very happy about the result.”

Perle Bouge (b) – FRA – bronze
“We fought very hard, bronze was not easy to take. We are happy we did it. This tight race looks very valid.” 


Israel tore out of the start at a 48 stroke rate pace. Yuilya Chernoy and Reuven Magnagey of Israel were sixth at last year's World Rowing Championships giving them a fair status going into this B-final. But following very closely was Poland's Michal Gadowski and Jolanta Pawlak and by the middle of the race the Poles had found the lead. Poland was seventh last year and they looked to be securing the same spot this year. Israel came through to take eighth and both of these boats had now qualified for the 2016 Paralympic Games.