Taking off at 50 strokes per minute the World Champions, Great Britain shot out. But it was the United States crew of Smith, Hansen, Burns, Vandegrift and coxswain Sichel that had the lead. The unbeaten British crew realised they would have to do something special and they upped their stroke rate to try and find the lead. Had the Americans gone out too fast too soon? As the race came through the second half, the United States was still in the lead. Great Britain upped their stroke rate again. This tussle at the head of the field left the rest of the field behind with Canada taking over the bronze medal spot.

Going stroke for stroke to the line, the British and the Americans gave it their all. With about five metres left to row the British crew of Clough, Brown, Relph, Fox and coxswain James got their bow ball ahead of the United States. The British had held on to their World Championship title.


James C. Fox (s) – GBR – gold
“We needed our best finish today. Credit to the United States. My crew did an amazing job.”

Danielle Hansen (s)  – USA – silver
“Our cox gave us the margin to motivate us during the finish. We did a good job, but we’re going to be better next year.”

Andrew Todd (s) – CAN – bronze
“It’s my first international race and it is pretty incredible to be a medallist. We knew it was going to be tight, our goal was just to have our best race.” 


At the 2012 Paralympic Games, Germany took bronze and they were back again this year with one remaining member of that 2012 boat. The Germans stormed through to the first 500m mark with France right on their tails. Australia and Brazil were both very much on the pace as well. France continued to press Germany as the sprint to the line got intense. At the line Germany and France had qualified for the 2016 Paralympic Games.