Rowing produces great and memorable individuals and the Thomas Keller Medal is World Rowing's opportunity to recognise these people. Open to public nomination, now is the time to submit your nomination for the 2018 Thomas Keller Medal and let the world acknowledge these great rowers.

The Thomas Keller Medal is the highest honour to be awarded in rowing and the list of past recipients is a who's who of rowing. Named after the former president of the World Rowing Federation, (FISA), Thomas Keller, the medal recognises excellence in the sport of rowing.

The winner receives an 18-carat gold medal and last year this was bestowed on Great Britain’s most decorated female Olympian, Katherine Grainger. Through her rowing career Grainger garnered five Olympics medals in four boat classes. Grainger also earned eight World Championship medals.

Nominations are open to the public take into consideration five factors:
1. Success at the international level
2. "Type" of career
3. Technical mastery of the sport
4. Sportsmanship
5. "Legendary" aspect

Previous winners include Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell (New Zealand), Iztok Cop (Slovenia), Eskild Ebbesen (Denmark), Vaclav Chalupa (Czech Republic), Jueri Jaanson (Estonia), James Tomkins (Australia), Kathrin Boron (Germany), Elisabeta Lipa (Romania) and Steve Redgrave (Great Britain).

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The award will be presented on Saturday 14 July 2018 at World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, Switzerland.