Damir Martin of Croatia has been the stand out sculler during this regatta and he sat alongside Oliver Zeidler of Germany in the middle lane. Martin also has the European Best Time in this boat class. But it was Denmark’s Sverri Nielsen who had the best speed tat the start. Zeidler, however, had other ideas and was just ahead of Nielsen at the 500m mark. Meanwhile Martin sat at the back of the field. There was, however, a lot of racing to go. Zeidler then did another push as he headed to the middle of the race. Down the outside lane Pilip Pavukou of Belarus had moved into second with Stef Broenink of the Netherlands moving with Pavukou.

Broenink and Pavukou’s tussle took them past Zeidler and into the silver and gold position. Broenink comes to the single from racing in his country’s quad in 2018. Broenink was at 39 and Pavukou was at 34. Could Broenink maintain it. Martin now looked too far back to challenge for a medal. Now Zeidler began to sprint. Pavukou got dropped as Germany and the Netherlands went for it. Zeidler had won. Broenink took silver (0.19 of a second behind Zeidler) and Pavukou held on to bronze just 0.21 of a second behind Broenink.


Oliver Zeidler, Germany, Gold
“This race was extremely good. It’s my first European championships. To win it is excellent. I’ve always had good races here on the Rotsee. The only person to beat me was Robbie Manson in last years World Cup final.”

Stef Broenink, Netherlands, Silver
“That was an awesome race! I was leading at the 1000 meters which were a surreal feeling! I know that the Belarussian can sprint really hard so I focused on him. I didn’t actually see Oli come up. It’s really amazing to see watch the heroes in the single scull and then race against them.

Pilip Pavukou, Belarus, Bronze

“It was a good race but really fast! I’m still happy with the result.”

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Kjetil Borch of Norway is the European and World Champion but he’s just back rowing after having knee surgery. Today he sat behind Nico Stahlberg of Switzerland with Great Britain’s Thomas Barras right on the pace. Barras then overtook even though he was underrating the entire field. Borch was slipping back as Barras continued to lead. He comes to this race after being in the British quad last year and he held the lead through to the finish despite some big sprints.