The big Angel Fournier Rodriguez of Cuba got away at 50 strokes per minute with Germany Two of Tim Ole Naske at 47 and leading the way. The new German, Oliver Zeidler was having a little problem with steering but was fast enough to be in second by the 500m mark. Now Robert Manson of New Zealand began to move up. Manson has been the fastest qualifier through the earlier rounds of racing and this is his first international regatta for 2018 after an A-final finish in 2017. Then Manson went to 38 and closed on Zeidler. Meanwhile nothing was touching Naske who now had nearly a boat length lead.

The top three boats had broken away from the rest of the field through the third 500 leaving Kjetil Borch of Norway in fourth and in not a good position to challenge for the medals. Naske then went to 39 in the final sprint and Manson went to 42 and closed on Naske. Manson and Naske were neck and neck in the final 200 metres. There was nothing in it with Manson perhaps moving just a fraction faster as Naske could only manage a 40 against Manson’s 42. Manson had won. Naske had beaten Zeidler who, after World Rowing Cup I, was made Germany’s number one crew. The German battle will continue.

Results: NZL1, GER2, GER1, NOR, DEN, CUB


Robert Manson, New Zealand, gold
“That was really hard work and I feel pretty tired right now. Towards the end I was just putting in strokes and I managed to get past Tim and Oli. It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of nerves leading up to this so it feels pretty special.”

Oliver Zeidler, Germany, bronze
“After Belgrade I knew I could and I wanted to medal here but unfortunately Tim was faster today. In the last 500 meters I didn’t have enough left. I’m looking forward to Lucerne and to what I can do there.” 

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France’s Thibaut Verhoeven got away very quickly with Russia One in hot pursuit. Verhoeven held the lead through the middle of the race but then found the pace too much as Harry Leask of Great Britain came storming through in the second half of the race. Meanwhile, the Olympic silver medallist, Damir Martin of Croatia must not have been having a good regatta. He dropped to the back of the field and did no more through the race.


Results: GBR, RUS1, FRA, HUN1, CRO1