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This race began with 37 boats and after heats, quarterfinals and semifinals they were down to the final six with Roman Roeoesli of Switzerland and Ondrej Synek of the Czech Republic winners of their respective semifinals.

At the start Denmark’s Sverri Nielsen had the best speed. Nielsen finished 12th at last years World Championships and he must have been very happy to be in this final. Nielsen got to the first 500m mark in first with Oliver Zeidler of Germany in second. Zeidler is the World Games Champion on the indoor rowing machine and this is his first year on the German national team. The rather inexperienced Zeidler then took the lead. Synek then began to move and he took his rating to 33 to close on Zeidler as Nielsen slipped back. But Zeidler still had the lead at the half way point. This was amazing for the German who has only been rowing for 18 months.

Coming into the final sprint Zeidler was nearly half a second ahead of Synek and he went to 37 strokes per minute to try and stay in the lead. Meanwhile Roeoesli tried to catch up with Synek who now went to 36 and take the lead from Zeidler. Zeidler went to 40 to hold off Roeoesli who was in the high 30s. They were neck and neck and closing on Synek. Synek had taken gold, Roeoesli silver and Zeidler bronze.

Results: CZE, SUI1, GER2, DEN, SRB2, CUB

Ondrej Synek, Men's Single Sculls, Czech Republic, Gold
“The race wasn’t too easy but it’s really great to see new faces in the race and new faces on the podium. I’ll now focus on moving forwards to Lucerne.” 

Roman Roeoesli, Men's Single Sculls, Switzerland, Silver,
“I’m really happy with the result. It’s the first time in five years that I’ve raced the single internationally so it’s a good starting point for the season. We might be back in the double for the next World Cup, the single is really great because it’s what you’re feeling, but the double is also really cool because it’s a team effort.”

Oliver Zeidler, Men's Single Sculls, Germany, Bronze,
“I’m quite happy with the race and the result. My goal at this regatta was to make the A/B Semi-Final, so to come in third is quite good. I’ve only been rowing for one and a half years, I will continue on in the single maybe.”


The tightest race of the day saw six boats leave together and remain in a virtual line through the first 500. This remained at the half way point with just one and a half seconds separating the field. Belarus One of Dzianis Mihal had a very small lead, but there was nothing in it. Mihal managed to get a bit of a margin with Nico Stahlberg of Switzerland One holding second. Stahlberg won this race at last year’s World Rowing Cup I also in Belgrade. Mihal went to 39 and finished first just as there was a clap of thunder.

Results: BLR1, RUS1, NOR, SUI1, GER2, SWE