Italy and the Netherlands recorded almost identical times when they won their respective semifinals. They met today in the final sitting one lane over from each other. The reigning World Champions are Italy and they had retained the same crew as in 2018. The Italian crew of Gentili, Rambaldi, Panizza and Mondelli got away quickly. But then Poland did a push and got their nose out in front. At the first 500m mark there was only two seconds separating the field with Poland holding a very tiny lead. The Dutch then began to move and they had the best speed going through the 1000m. Italy was right there as the Netherlands moved into the lead. Italy pushed Poland into third with Australia trying to get back into medal contention from fourth.

The Netherlands held the better speed through the third 500 as Poland fought back and got into second. What would Italy do? The Dutch now had a handy lead as the sprint to the line began. The Netherland looked great as they led the way to the line rating 39. Meanwhile Italy and Poland were neck and neck for second. Poland was at 39 and Italy went to 43. Poland got to the line first to win silver.


Tone Wieten, Netherlands, Gold
“That was our best ever race! We kept cool and it went to plan. We had a great push at 1000 meters and we saved the best until last.”

Wiktor Chabel, Poland, Silver
“The plan from the very start was to keep up with the Italians and the Dutch but it didn’t go as planned. After 1000 meters we were able to get back on track but the Dutch were too far away. We still managed to beat the Italians, now it’s time to rest. I’ll now go back home to Poland.”

Filippo Mondelli (b), Italy, Bronze

“We have a hard time with the crosswind. Normally a high stroke rate and quick drive is what we do, but with a crosswind this is hard. We’ve had an up and down year, but we’re happy with this, and happy to have a qualification spot for next year in Tokyo.”

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