This field was made up of mainly new combinations with only Germany a proven line up. The Germans finished second at the World Cup earlier this month. Less than a length separated the field at the first 500m marker with Germany having a very small lead. Then Italy picked up the pace with Giacomo Gentili in stroke seat taking their crew to the front of the field. The margins through the entire field were still tight with the lead swapping yet again as Olympian Stephan Krueger taking his German boat into the front.

Italy then took their stroke rate up to 40 strokes per minute, then 43. Italy took the gold. The Dutch and Germans charged. The Netherlands snatched the silver and Germany took the bronze.


Andrea Panizza (s), Italy, gold
“This is our first important race with a good result. We really didn’t know what to expect today and we didn’t know what we could do so this was a good result for us.”

Koen Metsemakers, Netherlands, silver,
“This was a really good race, throughout the weekend we’ve been taking it race by race and considering we’ve only been together for two weeks. Really enjoyed Linz-Ottensheim, the conditions have been perfect and we will try and move up one more place in Lucerne.”

Hans Gruhne, Germany, bronze
“It was a tough race, in the last 500 meters we were with Italy and The Netherlands but then they took off in a sprint so we were fighting it out with Australia. We are happy with the result but we also know that there were some big names missing today."

​Re-watch the live race here


It was incredibly tight between the top five boats at the start of this race with Russia taking an early lead. Then Great Britain took over in the lead. This British crew has had a lot of success and it was surprising to see them in the B-final. But the crew made the best of it and once in front Great Britain moved further and further away from the rest of the field.