Two days ago in the heats Australia recorded the fastest qualifying time. Australia was second at last year's World Rowing Championships and their crew has changed two members since 2015. Great Britain won the other heat with all other crews racing a repechage yeasterday. The British got away the quickest  and, even with replacement for Peter Lambert who was sick, they were doing great remaining in the lead through the middle of the race. Jack Beaumont replaced Lambert and Beaumont will also race in the double later today.

Australia was pacing Great Britain down the course and these two crews moved out in front of the rest of the field. Then Australia's Fosterling, Belonogoff, Girdlestone and McRae went up another gear and overtook the British who were struggling to hold on in the sprint. Then, to the crowd's delight, Switzerland came storming towards the finish. Switzerland was using a fill-in, Markus Kessler, and they were rating in the low 40s spurred on by the chant of the crowd. Australia had won. Great Britain had held on to second. Switzerland were all smiles in third. World Champions, Germany had managed fifth.


James Mcrae, Australia, gold
“After the heat we knew we needed to work on our first 1000m. Our goal for today was to stay with the pack through that point. In the 3rd 500m we wanted to push away and that worked really well. The last sprint we knew we had it as long as we steered clear of the buoys.”

Jack Beaumont (b), Great Britain, silver
“we had a race plan to lead throughout the whole race, which worked out well until the Australians passed us. For me it is the first time racing in Lucerne and I’m getting the full experience because I am racing in the men’s quad and in the men’s double later today.

Augustin Maillefer, Switzerland, bronze
“We never hoped for this coming here. We knew it was possible we would be last. The goal was to reconstruct the quad. Barnabe Delarze will still come back. It is amazing.”