By the middle of the race Bond and Murray had broken away from Savic and Bogicevic and with every stroke they were moving clean away from the rest of the field. This was now a race for second and it was very much happening between Serbia and James Foad and Matt Langridge of Great Britain. Foad and Langridge have most recently been racing in their country's eight, but back in the pair they have been making positive headway at this regatta.

In the final sprint Bond and Murray kept it clean and kept their rate high to cross the line with a huge nine second lead. Serbia and Great Britain, both rating in the high 30s, gave it their all. Foad and Langridge finished just a fraction ahead.

Results: NZL, GBR1, SRB1, ITA1, RSA1, RSA2

Gold – MURRAY, Eric (NZL)

The others came out hard and we were expecting that. People have been trying to push us off the start and we had to make sure we still had the lead before we widened the gap. We have to keep the pressure on ourselves because we know one day someone will challenge us. We won’t be ready unless we practice that wind.

Silver – LANGRIDGE, Matt (GBR)

We knew the Kiwi are most dominant, they have been all season. We were aiming for the second place. We know what we have to do to improve. The plan now is to close the gap and put pressure on them. We have only been together for two weeks.


After medalling at the World Rowing Cup in Aiguebelette, Bastian Bechler and Anton Braun of Germany must have been expecting a little more than a B-final in Lucerne. But the competition has definitely picked up for this regatta and Bechler and Braun missed out on the A-final by just 0.10 of a second. The duo made the best of today's race by leading for the majority. In the last 20m, however, Italy's young duo of Giovanni Abagnale and Vincenzo Abbagnale got the lead.

Results: ITA2, GER, SRB2, ESP, GBR2, GRE2