Great Britain recorded the fastest time coming through from yesterday’s semifinals. This new line up put themselves in the position of favourites with that result. But they were up against winner of the other semifinal, Germany. The German crew included members of their very successful men’s eight. Germany had the fastest speed at the start and got to the 500m mark just in front. But it was barely a leading margin with just a second separating all six crews.

Germany’s crew of Brummel, Wimberger, Planer and Merget continued to lead. But then Great Britain did a second 500 push and Cook, Rossiter, Gibbs and Carnegie managed to get their nose ahead of Germany with Poland and last year’s World silver medallists, Italy right on the pace. Great Britain went to 39 to stay in front. Now Poland did a move that brought them ahead of Germany. Italy went to 42 stokes per minute but remained in fourth. Germany’s challenge took their rate up to try and match Great Britain’s 41, but didn’t seem to be denting the fast-moving British. The British had won in a time of 5:51.01


Matthew Rossiter, Great Britain, Gold
“I’m really proud of the guys! It was a great team effort here and it’s really amazing to come away with a win at the European Rowing Championships. We had a great heat, semis weren’t amazing but today we wanted tunnel vision to come away with the win.”

Maximilian Planer, Germany, Bronze
“We knew it would be close, that anything Is possible. 1st to 6th. We went for the medals and had a very offensive race. We’re happy with this for the moment but we’ll be chasing down more at the next world cups. We can work on the 2nd half some more.”

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The Netherlands only missed out on the final by a fraction, but they started off at the back of the field today. Instead it was bronze medallist from World Rowing Cup I, Austria in the lead. Switzerland took up chase and through the third 500 they had the lead. Then Serbia came charging and they overtook Austria and closed on Switzerland. The Swiss went to 42 to catch Serbia. The Serbians had won.