Poland 1 had a great race in the heats and earned the fastest overall time. Today they continued to show their speed by leading from the start. Behind Poland, Romania 3 and Austria were neck and neck. Then Romania 3 managed to break away and go after Austria. Austria, however, had other ideas and were able to hold off the flying Romanians to keep the gold medal.

Results: POL1, ROU3, AUT, CRO, ESP, CHN

Michal Szpakowski (s), Poland, Gold
“Our tactics from the start were to push hard and we managed to keep pushing throughout the race. In the last 500 meters we felt the head wind but kept our eyes inside the boat and we’re very happy with our results.

Alexandru Chioseaua, Romania, Silver
“We came here to practice racing and improve. We are a new crew, and a very young crew. We’ll be at Under23s in this combination.”

Maximilian Kohlmayr, Austria, Bronze
“Our race plan didn’t quite work out. We wanted to push more in the last 750 meters but gave too much effort in the beginning. We’re still happy with the result as this is only the second season in this combination and they will stay with the same combination all season. We’re looking forward to competing at the World Rowing Championships as it’ll be in our home country.”

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