Only the Netherlands and Great Britain made it directly through to this final while all other crews had to race a repechage. The British boat has not done much this season, but recorded the fastest qualifying time in the heats. The Netherlands finished with silver at World Rowing Cup III last month with Romania taking gold last week at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships. It was Romania that took the early lead rating 39 with the British and French also at 39. These three boats made up the leading crews.

Romania got to the half way point in the lead with Great Britain slotting into second and France right with them in third. The Dutch and Italians were also very much on the pace. As the close of the race came into view the audience saw the British coming and support mounted. But Romania continued to look good at the head of the field. Rating 39 the Romanian boat was moving smoothly and swiftly. The British and French rated 41 and were neck-and-neck. Romania had won.


Cosmin Pascari, (s), Romania, gold
“That race was fantastic, it was very fast. We had in mind at the start that we wanted to win and just kept that in mind the whole way down.”

James Johnston (s), Great Britain, silver, 
“It was a tough race as there is a really strong cross-wind out there. This is a good step from Lucerne. We managed to stick to our plan. With 200 meters to go, we closed up on Romania and we thought maybe we might catch them.”

Sean Vedrinelle, France, bronze
“That wasn’t too bad. ROU had a really good start. We stayed with GBR most of the race. At 1500 meters we realized we were still in 3rd, which is when we booked it, and that’s about it.”

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Belarus had the fastest time of these crews from yesterday’s repechage. But it was Austria that shot out into the lead with Germany the closest challengers. The Germans then took over in the lead. They have been regular a-finalists this season and they were now looking smooth and together in the lead. Austria gave it a good shot in the sprint, moving to a 45 stroke rate to try and overtake. Germany held them off – just.


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