This boat class has had no real standout boat throughout the season and all bets were off for this final. The Italians got a small lead at the start and they got to the 500m mark first. But then Australia did a piece and pushed ahead of Italy. Australia had to change a crew member four weeks ago after a bicycle accident during a team training ride meant that one crew member could no longer row. Australia held the lead through the middle of the race. But there was very little in it as Italy's Di Costanzo, Castaldo, Lodo and Vicino were keeping up. Then Italy, known for their ability to rate high, took the stroke rate to 43 and overtook Australia. Meanwhile, Great Britain was storming down the outside. The Australian silver medal was now under threat. Australia's Lockwood, Dunkley-Smith, Turrin and Hill held on. Silver remained in their hands. Italy's stroke Giuseppe Vicino stood up in the boat. His crew were World Champions.


Matteo Castaldo (2) – ITA – gold
“It’s a dream come true, something of once in a lifetime. We are a great group and good friends.”

Joshua Dunkley-Smith (2) – AUS – silver
“The race was good and quick it was neck and neck all the way.  The Italians were just explosive. It’s a big challenge to be in a boat only for the World Championships.”

Scott Durant (b) – GBR – bronze
“We believed we had the capability to win a medal, it was a question of doing it. We just stormed to the finish to win it.”