The tail wind conditions meant rather bumpy water and the British had some steering corrections at the start, also for New Zealand. But then crews got into their rhythm with Romania setting the pace. Romania took silver behind Australia at the Lucerne World Cup earlier this month. Great Britain followed in second. Romania recorded the fastest time in yesterday’s semifinals with New Zealand right behind them on the second fastest time.

Great Britain, who won the second semifinal yesterday had slotted into second with the United States their nearest challenger. Romania was now started to dominating. They rated 39 down the course and really looked stylish and in control. Now the final sprint was in view and the New Zealanders were coming. New Zealand took silver last year and they were moving on the US and trying for a medal spot. Romania was at 39, the British at 39 and New Zealand at 41. It was oh so close for silver and bronze. Great Britain had held off New Zealand.


Mihaita-Vasile Tiganescu (b), Romania, gold
“The race was fantastic! Everyone was very fast and it was beautiful to race against New Zealand and Great Britain. I’m so pleased that we were able to be fast and win today.”

Charles Elwes, Great Britain, silver
“We knew that New Zealand were closing in. David made a call and we went full bonzai! And I knew that we had it on the line.” 

Thomas Mackintosh, New Zealand, bronze
“It’s a really fast field out there, so we’re happy with this medal. We really just stuck to our plan so huge credit to the boys! We’re all just so happy with the result.” 


Denmark and Lithuania both were the next best in yesterday’s semifinals with the Lithuanian crew unchanged from the 2017 line-up that raced in the b-final. Denmark got away the quickest with the Czech Republic and Lithuania neck-and-neck. This battle brought them closer to Denmark and the Lithuanians better sprint got them across the line in first. Canada pulled out for medical reasons.

Results: LTU, DEN, CHI, CZE, TUR