In the test race yesterday, Poland took first over Romania. Today Poland led Romania. Both boats held the same stroke rate, but Poland just had a bit more power which helped them stay in the lead. Coming through to the second half of the race Poland had a couple of seconds over Romania and looked to be working at getting a wider leading margin. Poland then went to 39 coming through the final sprint and it gave them the win.

Results: POL, ROU2

Jakub Jankowski, Poland, Gold
“We managed to get into first position from the start and then capitalise on this towards the end. I was here in Plovdiv four years ago at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships, so this was my first World Rowing Cup, it was a great experience.”

Denis Nichitean, Romania, Silver
“We had a really good race and we enjoyed the flow of Poland. Next race could be the European Rowing Championships and we’ll take and learn from this experience here in Plovdiv.”


Re-watch the race here!