In the race for lanes yesterday Germany was the fastest to the finish line followed by New Zealand with the World Champions, Great Britain in third. But today was a new day and at the start it was Great Britain that took a very aggressive stance and moved into the lead with Germany right on the pace. But it was all still very close with just over two seconds separating the entire field. Then Great Britain and Olympic Champions, Germany showed their superiority and together these two crews moved away from the rest of the field.

Germany used a 39 stroke rate pace to now get ahead of Great Britain who sat on 35. These two crews were still neck-and-neck keeping the British-German rivalry truly alive. Great Britain then changed gear and went to 39. Germany reacted with 40 then 41. There was nothing in it with Germany crossing the line just a metre ahead of Great Britain. New Zealand took the bronze.

Results:  GER, GBR, NZL, POL, BLR

Eric Johannesen, Germany, gold
“We managed to put into action some of the things we had planned. For example we were aiming to get out faster at the start, which went well today. Our aim was to leave here with a good feeling and with a victory that is obviously the case. We really shouldn’t forget the Netherlands since they won in Lucerne. I would say they are the favourites now, but I still am quite confident that we can beat them.”

Pete Reed, Great Britain, silver
“I couldn’t care less about the colour of the medal, what I want is a solid performance to work on. We know how fast we are and we know that the Germans are quick. I am really not happy or sad, but I am ready, ready to work. Then of course NeD, RUS, USA aren’t here and these crews didn’t qualify without a reason, they are quick too.”

Stephen Jones, New Zealand, bronze
“It was a bloody quick race out there. The aim for us is to go out there and get a medal in Rio. We need to have a really open crew mindset and work together as a crew toward the Olympic Games.”