Racing for the first time internationally this season, World Champions Croatia had won their semifinal and recorded the fastest qualifying time. The Croatian duo of Valent and Martin Sinkovic today faced winner of the other semifinal, Argentina's Rodrigo Murillo and Cristian Rosso. Argentina had raced the semifinal like a final as the race had four crews sprinting to take three qualifying spots. Did they have the energy to do it all again today?

Already taking a length over the rest of the field at the 500m mark was the Sinkovic brothers.  Argentina followed in second as part of a bunch that was forming behind the Sinkovics. By the middle of the race Croatia had moved to an open water lead with the privilege of having a view over the virtual line following behind them. Just two seconds separated Norway, Poland, Argentina, Italy and Australia.

As Croatia continued to stride away, Rosso and Murillo had a nose of a lead in second, but there was nothing in it with the rest of the field. In the final sprint last year's bronze medallists, James McRae and Alexander Belonogoff showed their worth. As the Sinkovic brothers stroke home to an easy win, Australia pulled into second with Italy's Romano Battisti and Francesco Fossi getting the bronze.



Martin Sinkovic – CRO – gold

“When we talked with the coach before the race he told us, if you win with 6 seconds ahead, it’s ok. So we just had to execute the plan.”

Alexander Belonogoff – AUS – silver

“It was a good race considering we are still 9 weeks away from the world champs. It is good to see where we are and what we can work on for Lucerne and the World Champs and how to take the next steps.”

Francesco Fossi – ITA – bronze 

“It’s an honour to get a medal in Varese because we feel like we are at home.”



It was just a matter of less than half a second that pushed John Collins and Jonathan Walton of Great Britain into the B-final from yesterday's semifinal. The British duo made the best of it and led from start to finish with the main battle going on for second. A huge sprint finish by Germany brought them through into second, but they were far enough behind the British that they could not catch them.

Results: GBR, GER, CZE, DEN, USA1, CHN