The World Champions, New Zealand sat in a outside lane after not doing so well in the semifinals yesterday. Instead it looked like Switzerland and Great Britain were the crews to beat. At the start Germany was the fastest and they got half a length early on. Timo Piontek and Lars Hartig of Germany finished third at World Rowing Cup I at the start of the month and they were trying to lead from the front. Great Britain’s Groom and Beaumont followed closely in second.

Going through the middle of the race former lightweight rower Hartig and partner Piontek remained in front. Then Groom and Beaumont upped their speed and closed on the Germans. The British now had the lead, Germany was in second with Switzerland and New Zealand neck-and-neck. Switzerland’s new double of Stahlberg and Roeoesli had beaten the World Champions by half a second.

Results: GBR, GER, SUI, NZL, FRA, ITA1

Angus Groom (b), Great Britain, gold
“That race was lots of fun, we had a really good start and we had a strong push in the 3rd 500 meters. Belgrade was a good start to the season but we’re not sure about our future in the boat but we hope to stay together.”

Timo Piontek (b), Germany, silver
“Our first 1000 meters went the same as in Belgrade, it was very fast so we know that is where we have to put distance on the other crews and in the 3rd 500 meters we just held with the others. 

Nico Stahlberg (b), Switzerland, bronze
“This is a new combination so we didn’t have too many expectations. We just wanted to show what we have done in training. Our races have just been getting at this competition with the best race being the final so we will definitely be in Lucerne but just not sure in what boats.”

​Re-watch the live race here


The Netherlands crew of Amos Keijser and Nicolas van Sprang got away the quickest and led the field to a clear water gap. But then the World silver champions, Poland did an amazing sprint that closed the gap. The Netherlands did not see it coming, but then when they did they were able to react and hold the lead.

Results: NED, POL, ITA2, SRB, ARG, CHN