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Lithuana’s Saulius Ritter and Dovydas Nemeravicius had the fastest time from yesterday’s semifinals, but it was Germany, motoring along at 45 strokes per minute, that had the early lead and speed. This is a new combination for Germany of Timo Piontek and Lars Hartig with Piontek coming from the quad and Hartig a former lightweight racer.

Germany held on to first into the middle of the race with Angus Groom and Jack Beaumont of Great Britain right with them in second. Groom and Beaumont had the second fastest qualifying time and coming through the third 500, Groom and Beaumont pushed into the lead with Lithuania now starting to move. The Lithuanian’s often come into their own in the second half of the race and Ritter and Nemeravicius had upped their stroke rate and with every stroke the Lithuanians got closer and closer to Germany and Great Britain. Ritter went to 42 and Beaumont took his boat to 40. Lithuania had done it by half a length. Great Britain held on to second with Germany getting the bronze.

Results: LTU1, GBR, GER, NED1, ROU, NOR

Dovydas Nemeravicius (b), Men's Double Sculls, Lithuania, Gold
 “I’m so happy with the result and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to row with Saulius. He has taught me so much from technique and mentality. It has made me a better person.”

Jack Beaumont (s), Men's Double Sculls, Great Britain, Silver,
“First race in the double for four years, so to come away with second makes us really happy and we’re excited for the future.”

Lars Hartig (s), Men's Double Sculls, Germany, Bronze,
“We are very happy with the race as we followed the race plan. At this point in the season, the team is not safe, we’re still fighting for seats on the national team. But we think that this result will place us in the double again.”


Poland had the lead at the start of this b-final. From the semifinals yesterday, Poland’s Szymon POsnik and Adam Wicenciak had the fastest time. The Poles remained in front through to the middle of the race when Serbia’s Igor Djeric and Aleksandar Bedik really took up the pace and went from a slow start through to the front of the field.

Results: SRB1, POL1, CHN1, GRE, LTU2, CHN2