Medal-winning dreams for Chilean Junior

05/08/2011 - 16:22:00

Natalia Sánchez Rojas (JW1+, CHI) participates for the third time in the World Rowing Junior Championships. The fifteen-year-old girl is the current South American Junior Champion in the single and started rowing when she was 10 years old.

World Rowing: My sporting hero is…
Natalia Sanchez Rojas: Frida Svensson, the Swedish sculler.  

WR: I row because…
My uncles Marcelo and Alejandro Rojas, are both rowers. They competed in the men’s double sculls at the Olympics in 1988 in Seoul. So I have been in touch with rowing really early on in life and I wanted to do it as well.

WR: My goal in rowing is….?
: I would like to go on in the JW1x and try to improve my rowing skills. I know that I still have two years to go in the Junior level and my main goal is to win a medal.

WR: On the erg, I listen to…..?
: A bit of everything. Mostly electronic or pop music.

WR: I’m most relaxed when…?
I am mostly relaxed. The only time I get nervous is before regattas.

WR: My least favourite training session is…
I hate 2000m on the erg.

WR: My favourite training session is…
: I like to row long distances. 

WR: My favourite subject is….
: Biology. I find it really interesting and would love to study medicine after school.

WR: In 10 years time I will…
I will still be rowing. Hopefully preparing for Olympics.

WR: My toughest race…
The races during the World Junior Championships last year in Racice were the hardest ones.

WR: I’m motivated by….
I get motivated by the idea of winning the World Championships.

WR: A typical day….
: I normally get up at 6am and go to school. When it ends at 4pm, I go straight to the rowing club where I train. When I come back home around 8pm I am really tired. But I still manage to study as much as possible. Sometimes before important regattas I need to train twice in the day as well.   

WR: I get annoyed when…?
People are not right on time.

WR: My favourite boat to row is …?
The single. I have never raced in another boat. 


  • Natalia Sanchez a sus 15 años tiene un futuro inconmensurable por sus ricas condiciones fisicas, de esbelta figura, gracil muchacha y el remo lo lleva en la sangre por su parentesco de los recordados Alejadnro y Macelo Rojas, olimpicos en Seul. 1988. Ella por meritos propios ya tiene un palmare envidiable a su corta edad. Campeona nacional en cadete, reina sudamericana juvenil 2010 y estuvo y en res mundiales: Brive La Gaillarde, Racice y ahora en Dorney Eton. Merecidisima la nota que le han publicitado, por que se lo merece con creces. Es un portento para nuestro deporte que ya tiene un valor en ciernes para seguir la huella del ya mitico Miguel Cerda y Christian Yantani, campeones del mundo.

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