Quick questions with Morten Joergensen from the Danish men's (lightweight) four 

World Rowing: How is it to be back competing after one year off (due to illness and overtraining)?
Morten Joergensen: It is amazing to be back. I love competition, I love racing and I love to be with the other guys, so I am very happy.

WR: How fit do you feel now?
MJ: I am not at my top at the moment. I have a plan where I should peak at the Olympics, but not before. I try not to push my body too much. It is a long process for me to get fit again. I will be fit and in good shape at the Olympics.

WR: Do you train differently than your teammates in the four?
MJ: No, I try to train the same. At some points I am a bit more tired than they are. Sometimes they go erging and I go just for spin. But I try to keep up with them.

WR: Why did you enter in the heavyweight four?
MJ: At that moment when I came back in the boat I was a bit heavy, I was about 80,5 kilos and that was in December. In order to not push my body too much to get my weight down, we decided to row the heavyweight four here. I actually think we are doing quite well. You can see now we are in the A-final, but we’re missing the Americans, the Canadians, the Australians and the other crews like that. But it is fun to be racing the heavyweights.

WR: What are your goals for the season and at which events will you be competing?
MJ: This season our main goal is the Olympic goal. That has been our main goal since London. We are going to compete in Lucerne and in Poznan.