Italy and the Netherlands got to come to this final directly from Friday’s heats. All others had an extra race yesterday. Italy, with her fresh legs, got away the quickest. Federica Cesarini of Italy got to the first 500m mark in the lead with Germany’s Leonie Pieper in hot pursuit. Pieper was at 31 and Cesarini at 32 and Cesarini got to the half way point first. Meanwhile it was very close between Sofia Meakin of Switzerland and Marieke Keijser of the Netherlands.

Cesarini continued to set the pace at the head of the field with Keijser now right with Meakin and overtaking her. Pieper was keeping an eye on Keijser with Cesarini at 38 still in the lead. Keijser went to 40 to get the bronze. Cesarini takes the gold and Pieper is the silver medallist. Cesarini had set a new European Best Time of 7:32.45.


Federica Cesarini, Italy, Gold
“This is a very important win for me. I couldn’t have done much better as I’ve had a lot of pain in my knee and back, so I’m very happy with the result.

Leonie Pieper, Germany, Silver
“It was a great race! I really enjoyed the first 1000 meters but I had to really fight for it so I pushed hard towards a medal. It’s a special feeling being here on the Rotsee.”

Marieke Keijser, Netherlands, Bronze,
“It was a good race. I’m really happy to be back. It’s not where I want to be but it’s a good start.”

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Spain had the fastest time coming through from yesterday’s repechage. But it was the French athlete Marion Colard in the lead. Then Kristyna Neuhortova of the Czech Republic took the lead. She won the under-23 championship B-final last year and she is now racing at the senior level. Neuhortova remained at 32 strokes per minute and led the way home.

Results: CZE, ESP, NOR, FRA, MDA