Sweden’s Emma Fredh  was the fastest coming through from yesterday’s semifinals, but it was Patricia Merz of Switzerland that had the lead at the start. Merz finished first at World Rowing Cup I earlier this month and that must have boosted her confidence coming into this regatta. Merz continued to lead with Fredh keeping her stroke rate low and sit back in the field. Russia’s Anastasia Lebedeva sat in second and seemed to be more worried about Fredh closing on her than she was about catching Merz.

In the third 500 Fredh started to really turn it on and she was closing the gap on Switzerland with every stroke. Fredh took silver in this boat class at last year’s World Rowing Championships and she was now showing her stamina and the ability to really time her race as she took the lead with just 200m left to row. Russia also closed on Merz as Switzerland looked to be running out of steam. Fredh took gold, with a flying Denise Walsh of Ireland taking second and Merz just holding on to third.


Emma Fredh, Sweden, gold
“It was a good race and I managed to finish strong, but I still have to work on my start. There are still four months to go before World Championships.”

Patricia Merz, Switzerland, bronze
“My start was really good. However, in the last quarter I had trouble keeping my pace. The Irish and Swedish just passed me. “


Joanna Dorociak of Poland was the first to the 500m marker and she remained in the lead over Denmark’s Aja Runge Holmegaard. The Dane had beaten Poland in yesterday’s semifinal and Runge Holmegaard looked confident as she moved into the lead with Poland hoping to hold on to second. Dorociak then had to fend off Latvia. It was a tussle to the line as Latvia attacked in the last sprint. Denmark got there first with Latvia in second.