It was off to a blistering pace, with Poland’s Joanna Dorociak shooting ahead of the pack, while the five scullers behind her were racing neck and neck. Dorociak settled into her pace, rating 33 strokes per minute, ready to stave off challenges.

Through 500m, the biggest challenge was coming from USA One, Christine Cavallo. Cavallo holds the world record in the lightweight category on the indoor rowing machine and is looking to show she can move a boat too. But there was nothing in it as crews crossed the halfway point.

Into the final sprint, Dorociak maintained her lead, but the sprint in the five crews behind her brought them even closer to her stern. Alena Furman pushed into second and Clara Guerra of Italy raised her rate to blow past Cavallo and push her off the podium in the final strokes.

Results: POL, BLR, ITA, USA2, SWE1, RUS


Joanna Dorociak, Poland, gold
“It was my first win in the single so obviously I’m very happy with that. I knew I was fast coming out of the time trial but it helps that I had good competition to help me.”

Alena Furman, Belarus, silver
“I’m very happy with the race but I won’t be going to Lucerne as I’m going to take some time to relax but I will be back for European Championships.”

Clara Guerra, Italy, bronze
“That was a fantastic race, not such a good start but I wanted to go fast in the middle portion and in the last 200 meters, I said go go go! I think the U23 Championships will be my next race and I can’t wait.”

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Germany’s Marie-Louise Draeger finished fourth in her semi-final and was clearly looking to show she had the speed to be in the A-final. Draeger shot out of the blocks and into the lead. Once there, she would not budge. Emily Schmieg from USA1 settled into the second position, followed by Austria’s Anja Manoutschehri. The positions remained unchanged through the finish.

Results: GER2, USA1, AUT, CHN1, CHN2, GER1