The lane order had changed to react to the changing weather. The World Champion Romanians leapt out at 49-50 strokes per minute, but it was New Zealand that had the best speed. Zoe McBride and Jackie Kiddle won last month at World Rowing Cup II and they had the fastest time from yesterday’s semifinals. McBride and Kiddle made it to the first 500m point in lead with Switzerland in second. Patricia Merz and Frederique Rol of Switzerland finished third at the European Rowing Championships.

New Zealand then gained a boat length lead with the Netherlands, China and Switzerland moving in a line behind them. The Dutch crew includes Olympic Champion in this event, Ilse Paulis and she is teamed up with Marieke Keijser. This duo won the European Championships last year.  New Zealand had now gone to a huge open water lead with the Dutch in second and China and Switzerland fighting it out for third. Switzerland had got the medal.


Zoe Mcbride (b), New Zealand, Gold,
“We knew it would be tough because the conditions have been like this all week. I think we caught our streak in the head-winds so we were actually really excited for today. We just wanted to make the most of it and have fun. It was windy, it was rainy, but that’s rowing.”

Ilse Paulis (s), Netherlands, Silver,
“Today we were reminded that rowing was definitely an outdoor sport as the conditions were hard. We really wanted the gold today but we were pleased to have pushed away from the Bronze position.”

Frederique Rol (s), Switzerland, Bronze
“We looked at the conditions and we kind of expected them for the rest of the weekend. It was very different to the time-trials but we knew we would have to have our own race today and that all boats were in the same position.”

Re-watch the race here!


Canada was the next fastest crew from yesterday’s semifinals and they came out in third position. Canada then took over in the lead with Australia hot on their heels. Going through the middle of the race it was incredibly tight with just one and a half seconds separating the top four crews. Canada’s Jill Moffatt and Jennifer Casson then picked up the pace and broke away to win the race.

Results: CAN, AUS, GER1. JPN, GER2, IRL