The Dutch and New Zealanders had the favoured lanes after doing the best in the semifinals. But it was France’s Laura Tarantola and Claire Bove who had the early lead. Sitting next to them were the World Champions Romania who were sitting in third. Romania has been struggling this season and have yet to medal. Zoe McBride and Jackie Kiddle of New Zealand, who set a new World Championship best time earlier in the week, now pushed into the lead. The duo are unbeaten this season and by the half way point they had the lead stroking 35. France began to fade as New Zealand charged on as the Olympic Champions started to charge. The Netherlands crew have retained Ilse Paulis who took gold in 2016 and she has teamed up with Marieke Keijser. As New Zealand led the way home the Netherlands tried to hold on to second with Romania, Great Britain and France going to a photo finish for bronze.


Jackie Kiddle (s), New Zealand, Gold
“This is surreal. We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and last year was a bit of a disappointment. I am absolutely stoked!”

Ilse Paulis (s), Netherlands, Silver
“I think it is the maximum results for today. I think we want more and can do more, we'll be back in Tokyo.”

Emily Craig (b), Great Britain, Bronze

“I knew that there would be at least one race this season where we wouldn’t know our position. At 250 meters to go I just should for us to go for it. We pushed as hard as possible but I looked up and there were boats in front and behind us so I didn’t know where we were. It’s a big thanks to all the team.”

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