Walsh and Copeland then found the lead as Sweden slipped back to lose their position to Leonie Pless and Anja Noske of Germany. In the final sprint Walsh and Copeland manage to move away from the field with an impressive negative split scenario. This left a huge battle between Sweden, Germany and Great Britain Two. Great Britain's second boat (Eleanor Piggott and Charlotte Taylor) had the best sprint. Rating 41, Piggott and Taylor had rowed through China, Sweden and then Germany in the close of the race. Great Britain would dominate the medals podium.

Results: GBR1, GBR2, GER, SWE, CAN, CHN1

Gold - Katherine Copeland (GBR)

We felt really calm and in control. We talked about having a feeling of excitement and confidence, and we wanted to feel like we were in control. I’ve never won a Wold Cup before!

Silver – Eleanor Piggott (GBR)

We made up for a lack of experience by really planning. We went through all scenarios to prepare how we would respond. It was just a really enjoyable experience, beautiful and memorable.

Bronze - Anja Noske (GER)

It was a really hard race, especially because of the heat. We tried our hardest.


The large Chinese squad here at Aiguebelette included Huan Zhang and Le Chen of China Two. The young duo are competing in their first international regatta together and they raced a very consisted race from their leading position. A new 2014 crew for the United States came through in second.

Results: CHN2, USA, AUS, DEN, IRL, BRA