Sitting on the start line these scullers would have felt the wind pick up into a head wind and a drop in temperature. But they had a job to do and their focus was solely on the starter's voice and light. China One of Wenyi Huang and Feihong Pan was just a bit faster than the five other boats at the start, but there was nothing in it when the crews hit the first 500m marker. Huang and Pan took gold at World Rowing Cup I and they still had a very slight lead at the half way point. But there was still nothing in it as these six boats only had a two second spread. World Champions New Zealand were in fifth with World Rowing Cup I bronze medallists, South Africa in second.

Then Kirsten McCann and Ursula Gobler of South Africa did a push in the third 500 and got their boat in front with Sophie MacKenzie and Julia Edward of New Zealand now in second. There was still nothing in it as ratings began to rise coming into the last 400m of the race. Canada's Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee were flying. Rating 42 the London Olympians, Jennerich and Obee had got their boat into the lead. South Africa was holding on and New Zealand, on 41 was hanging in there. Canada had done it.

Results: CAN, RSA, NZL, DEN, CHN2, CHN1


Clare Lambe and Sinead Lynch (nee Jennings) of Ireland are off to the Olympics later this year and they used this race as part of their preparation. Lynch has come back to rowing after becoming a doctor, having three children and keeping fit. They came through to the finish rating 34 and staying ahead of Poland.


Lindsay Jennerich (b), Canada, gold
“We had a very good start in the heat and the semifinal. But with the headwind today, the field stayed very close together. We know our skill is the final sprint and we know we can rely on that. It worked out today.”

Kirsten Mccann (b), South Africa, silver
“We didn’t really know which place we got. We had to ask the umpire if we had to go on the podium. We had a good race, we are happy, silver is not gold though.”

Julia Edward (s), New Zealand, bronze
“We had a good momentum at 500m to go. We went too early. We clearly have stuff to work on before Rio, next is Poznan.”