Then Andreea Asoltanei and Ionela-Livia Lehaci moved into second and started to bear down on the Kiwis. Romania finished fourth last year and it is very likely that they kept this in mind during their training. New Zealand and Romania then began to move away from the rest of the field. MacKenzie was in this boat class last year, while McBride comes through from last year's junior team.

So the fight for bronze was now being decided between Australia, Switzerland and the United States with New Zealand absolutely in the lead and Romania remaining clearly in second. The crowd was loving this finish. New Zealand kept their stroke rate at 36 to cross the line easily in first. Romania, at 30, hung on to second and a solid finish by Miansarow and Nesbitt of Australia earned them the bronze. MacKenzie and McBride had finished a very fast 6:59.37, just 0.06 seconds outside of an under-23 World Best Time.


Gold - MACKENZIE, Sophie (bow seat) (NZL)

I have been dreaming about this for three years.

Silver - LEHACI, Ionela-Livia  (stroke seat) (ROU)

It was good. I can’t describe my feelings when I crossed the finish line. I participated already 2012 U23 World Championships.

Bronze - MIANSAROW, Georgia (bow seat) (AUS)

We did not have the best heat, but we learned that we had to trust in our training and not let one race throw us off. The first race does not always dictate the rest of the regatta. We kept trusting in ourselves, everything happens for a reason.


After a delayed start the crews got away with Germany looking to be the crew to beat following yesterday's semifinal. Germany finished second last year and this year they have a new crew racing of Wiebke Hein and Leonie Pieper. But it was the Czech Republic that took off very quickly. Germany was back in third and it took them until the 1250m mark to find the lead. Once in the lead they moved away from the Czechs in second.  Germany held the lead until the end with Hungary pushing through to take second.