Wow, what a blistering start from Jason Osborne of Germany One. Osborne had a career in the lightweight men’s double, but has recently transitioned into the single sculls. Osborne came into the A-final with the fastest time from the semifinal and looked to be ready to top the podium.

Right behind him off the start was his fellow countryman Johathan Rommelmann. These two athletes must know each other’s style well and Osborne took a push to shake off Rommelmann’s challenge. But as the crews came through 1000m, Switzerland’s Michael Schmid started to get his bow ball into the mix.  Schmid knows Belgrade well after winning the gold medal on these waters just over a year ago.

Osborne continued to eek out a lead, taking open water on the crews behind him. But now the race was on for the silver medal. Schmid pushed past Rommelmann as the two crews charged toward the finish line. Rommelmann tried for a final sprint, but it wasn’t enough. Osborne took gold, Schmid silver and Rommelmann bronze.

Results: GER1, SUI2, GER2, NOR, HUN, BEL

Jason Osborne, Germany, Gold
“My race plan was executed on spot! I had a fast start and kept two or so length. I kept my sprint at the end. Everyone kept pushing. I thought I had decent speed coming into this regatta but wasn’t sure how much.”

Michael Schmid, Switzerland, Silver
“It was a really good start to the seasons. I really enjoyed the regatta and I look forward to the rest of the season as it’ll be special with the Europeans in Glasgow.”

Jonathan Rommelmann, Germany, Bronze
“The race was more than what i expected. I didn’t expect to win a bronze medal when i landed here on Wednesday night. I showed progression with each race and the final definitely being the best one. I was trying to catch the swiss guy at the end but didn’t quite catch him.”