France’s Hugo Beurey had recorded the fastest time in yesterday’s semifinal, beating the reigning under-23 champion in the process. Buerey led the way at the start with Australia’s Sean Murphy the closest challenger. But margins remained tight. Buerey was setting a cracking pace and he went through the first 500 at a World Best Time pace. Could Buerey hold it? The reigning champion, Uncas Batista of Brazil now sat in second and as the holder of the under-23 World Best Time he must have had something up his sleeve.

This is when Batista decided to move and in the third 500, Batista jumped into the lead with Buerey trying to hold on. Australia’s Sean Murphy was in striking distance and there was still 500m left to row. Batista, at 33, held the lead, Buerey, at 34, held off Murphy. The crowd waited for the times. Not a World Best Time, but quick all the same.


Uncas Batista, Brazil, gold
“I’m very happy as this race was very difficult. I’m up against the best lightweight single scullers in the world and this year was not my best year. So to win it means a lot. My coach is truly the key.”

Hugo Beurey, France, silver
“I was working so hard and I had a great lead but Brazil came back harder in the last 500 meters. I thought I had everyone in my field of vision but I looked over and just couldn’t see him anymore.”

Sean Murphy, Australia, bronze
“There were difficult conditions out there. It’s whoever can row cleaner that will do well today. For me I followed my plan up until the last 250m as I had a gap on the next guy and felt quite confident. I had a look around at France and he did a good job to hold me off. This is my first international medal at this level.”


Greece opened as the leader in this b-final before Italy took over in the lead with Greece, who was the fastest qualifier, struggling. Then Mohamed Taieb of Tunisia upped his pace and got into the lead. Taieb was fifth last year at the under-23s and he was showing his experience. But then Italy’s Dimitri Morselli caught Taieb in the close of the race.

Results: ITA, TUN, SUI, GER, GRE