By the middle of the race, Denmark earned a small margin over Germany, but was not able to break away. Germany, using a very consistent pace, stuck closely with the Danes. In the final sprint Denmark held a 37 stroke rate to keep ahead of Germany. The Germans hit 39, but did not have enough left in them to catch Denmark.

Results: DEN, GER, HKG1, HKG2, INA

Gold - NIELSEN, Jens (stroke) (DEN)

It is a very high standard in the sculling group in Denmark at the moment. It is hard to make a crew. We are going to Amsterdam as a quad and looking forward to a training camp in Austria where we will do some work against the Danish LM4-.

Silver – THIEM, Christoph (bow) (GER)

We hoped to get in front during the body of the race but the Danes were too strong. They deserved to win. The team will now split, this is the first and last time we will be racing together. I suffered from injuries in the winter and only started to train in March. Right now I look forward to the soccer World Cup Final tonight!

Bronze – CHOW, Kwong Wing (bow) (HKG1)

It was very competitive. The other teams tried different strategies at the beginning which we tried to follow. At the end, what we were missing was to push together. We have only been together for two weeks and we need more time to mesh together. We think for two weeks this result is very realistic. We will not be going to Amsterdam because of Asian Games.