Just two crews racing in this category, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The crew from the Czech Republic went out hard and settled into their race pace of about 37 strokes per minute. Meanwhile the Hungarian crew rated quite a bit higher at nearly 41.

Coming through the thousand metre mark, the Czech Republic were just one second ahead of the Hungarians. The boats were going neck and neck in this two-boat race coming into the last 500 metres. In the final sprint, the Czech Republic wound it up to a 45 stroke rate. The Hungarians responded, but it wasn’t enough. The Czech Republic took the gold.

Results: CZE, HUN

Jan Cincibuch, Czech Republic, Gold
“I’m really pleased with the outcome, very happy to be racing here. It would be nice if there were more boats. I think we will have a training camp and come back in Lucerne.”

Bence Tamas, Hungary, silver
“We new the Czechs had a very fast start, so we pushed and got half a length on them. We had a good middle thousand, and solid finish. We were pleased with the race, we are going to continue in this combo in the next world cup and hopefully beyond that.”