There was just 500m of water left and Italy had overtaken Germany and were edging up on France. The French were rating high for the whole race. Could they hold it? Then practically out of nowhere, Denmark took up the pace and challenged for the medals. With France looking confident and smooth at a 39 stroke rate they took a well deserved gold, Italy earned the silver and Denmark pushed Germany out of the bronze medal spot.

Results: FRA, ITA, DEN, GER, CYP

Gold- VARNIER, Quentin (stroke seat) (FRA)

To be honest, I don’t really remember the last 500m. Our main goal was to start in front and never let go. I got silver here last year and that gave me the strength to train hard to take home the gold this year.

Silver- GHIDINI, Paolo (bow seat) (ITA)

France surprised us. At the start there was a bit of tension like usual. Last year was better but this is still a well-earned medal.

Bronze- LEICHT, Fredrik (bow seat) (DEN)

This is my third U23 World Championship and it is my first medal. It is unbelievable.