In yesterday's preliminary race Great Britain's Sam Scrimgeour and Jonathan Clegg  finished first over China. Today it was all different. At the start Scrimgeour and Clegg had the lead, but by the middle of the race the margin was tight with France and Italy almost neck and neck with the British. This is when Italy's Piero Sfiligoi and Armando Dell'Auila decided to do a 39 stroke rate piece.  Augustin Mouterde and Theophile Onfroy of France moved with them and also wore them down. Sprinting had begun early as ratings remained high through the second half of the race right through to the end. At the line France did it. After finishing second at last month's European Rowing Championships, this was a great result for the French Mouterde and Onfroy.

Results: FRA, GBR, ITA, CHN

Theophile Onfroy (stroke) – FRA – gold

“We are happy, it is our first international victory. But we are more frustrated than we were after yesterday’s race when we had a better start. We were concentrated on our boat and we were able to race our own race.”

Piero Sfiligoi (bow) – ITA - silver

“It was one of the first races we did together and I hope it is the first of many that we do together. It is a perfect starting point."

Jonathan Clegg (stroke) – GBR – bronze

“We have only rowed together for 10 days, but had some experience together last year. The conditions were good, it was pretty hot though.”