Austria started at 53 strokes per minute to get away from the Brazilian crew in this final. They quickly took a length lead and settled into their race pace. This is the first senior international event for Lorenz Lindorfer and Anton Sigl of Austria. They had a B-final finish at last years junior championships.

But as both crews settled into their race pace, Brazil found their rhythm and started to chip away at Austria’s lead. By the halfway point, Brazil had reversed the position and had open water on Austria. A sprint finish extended Brazil’s lead.

Results: BRA, AUT

Willian Giaretton (s), Brazil, gold
"Really enjoyed the race. We didn’t exactly have a plan apart from going out and enjoying ourselves. It’s a shame that there were less athletes here, it’s a long weekend as we are also racing in the heavy weight B-Final too.”

Anton Sigl (s), Austria, silver
“We’re U23s and the Brazilians are a little bit older but it was a good experience and it was nice to race on our home course. We’ll be racing this boat at the World Rowing U23s Championships in Poznan.”


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