Today Delayre and Azou gave the crowd a show of beautiful synchronicity as they led from start to finish. Delayre and Azou had nudged out into the lead with just 20 strokes rowed leaving the rest of the field to row for second. Much respect must go to Jason Osborne and Moritz Moos of Germany Two. The young duo are just 20 years old and just beginning their career at the senior rowing level and they were having a great battle with current World Champions, Kristoffer Brun and Are Strandli of Norway.

In the final sprint, Azou and Delayre were still leading the fleet with the crowd loving the display. Osborne and Moos were holding it together in second and Brun and Strandli had remained in a medal spot in third.

Results: FRA1, GER2, NOR, USA, NED, AUT

Gold - Stany Delayre (FRA)

When we race, we race against ourselves. We don’t try to beat the others. We raced the same as yesterday, trying to tire out the others and save an attack for the end.

Gold - Jeremie Azou (FRA)

We could really feel the crowd here. It gave me goosebumps.

Silver – Moritz Moos (GER)

We planned to keep in touch with France. The plan went well. The last 500 we pushed hard and got away from Norway.

Bronze - Kristoffer Brun (NOR)

It was hard from the first stroke today. Normally we have a lot of energy left for a final sprint, but not today. But we had a good first thousand and we’ll keep on improving.


Being part of a very quick semifinal yesterday saw Konstantin Steinhuebel and Lars Hartig of Germany One finding themselves in today's B-final. Still, the duo made the best of it and showed their form by leading the B-final from start to finish. Hungary's Peter Galambos and Gabor Csepregi pushed the Germans to the line with just one second separating these two crews at the end.

Results: GER1, HUN, GBR, CZE, DEN, CAN