Esther Briz Zamorano of Spain has been having a great regatta so far and she came through to this final as one of the favourites. Briz Zamorano got away the quickest leading last year’s fourth-place getter, Margaux Bailleul of France. Then Megan Hancock of south Africa managed to get ahead of Bailleul with Bailleul looking like she was unable to react. Bailleul was now under threat from Caitlin Govaert of Belgium.

The battle between Bailleul and Govaert continued into the final sprint with Bailleul at 35 to Govaert’s 32. Meanwhile Hancock was closing on Briz Zamorano and had closed the gap rating 35. Hancock only just ran out of water with Briz Zamorano grabbing gold.


Esther Briz Zamorano, Spain, gold
“I was really nervous at the start. But during the race, I was pretty constant. Coming into the end, I just had a fresh mind and was able to hit my highest speed.”

Megan Hancock, South Africa, silver
“That was really exciting. Everyone was so fast. I didn’t know where I was going to come. The last 250m was incredible, I was just praying for the finish line. Last year I was in the eight and we didn’t do so well, so I really enjoyed it this time. This place is great, it’s like a mini-Olympics for me.”

Margaux Bailleul, France, bronze
“It was very difficult, I had a very good start, but then for some reason I got stuck. I am not necessarily happy with the results, but then again I never really am, I always want more. I would like to continue again next year in under-23s.”


Isabel van Opzeeland of the Netherlands had the best time in yesterday’s semifinal and she took a very small lead at the start. Van Opzeeland took bronze at this year’s European Rowing Junior Championships and she was leading over Greta Jaanson of Estonia. Jaanson’s father, Juri is an Olympic medallist and she was holding on to second over Mexico. Mildred Mercado Palacios of Mexico then pulled ahead of Jaanson and closed on van Opzeeland. The Dutch sculler moved to a 34 stroke rate to take first. Mercado was second just over Jaanson.