Great Britain and the Czech Republic were the favoured crews coming through from the semifinals. There was also the European Junior Championship winners, Germany sitting one lane over. The race opened with Germany being the first to show. Germany had the highest stroke rate as they tried to push away from Great Britain in one lane over. Behind Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and China formed nearly a line and they kept the pressure on Germany.

Great Britain then pushed into second with China kicking into a piece and holding on to Great Britain. The Chinese push continued and they got themselves ahead of Great Britain to challenge Germany. Then a boat stopping crab in the German boat saw them slip to the back of the field. This gave the Czech Republic a second wind. The final 500m sprint had begun. China at 33, was in the lead. Great Britain was at 34 and in second. The Czechs came through to take bronze.



The first to show was Romania and they led the way through the middle of the race with the United States the nearest challengers. The field then began to spread out as these crews worked with the cross-tail conditions. Then Italy did a piece and moved ahead of the United States. Italy, however, could not catch Romania. Instead the Italians were dealing with the closing sprint by the United States who had Denmark challenging them. Italy held on to second with the United States in third.


Shiyu Lu (s), Gold, China
“I truly believed in the other girls in my crew. These girls are the best!”

Veronika Uhlova (s), Bronze, Czech Republic
“Such a tough race I can’t believe we won bronze, we’re so happy!”