The fastest qualifier from the heats was China and they sat in the middle of the field next to Italy who had won the other heat. A cheer went up from the crowd when the starting buzzer sounded. All six boats got away quickly with Germany having a bit more speed. But there was nothing in it and at the 500m mark just over a second separated the top five boats. Only the United States, the reigning World Champions, were off the pace. New Zealand sat in second just a fraction ahead of Germany. Then China started to move and overtook Romania and Germany and New Zealand.

Italy was at a high 38 strokes led by Arianna Passini with China, led by Xuan Zhang, at 36 strokes per minute. Italy and China now began to pull away from the rest of the field with Germany in the bronze position, just a bit ahead of New Zealand. China then pushed into the gold medal position. Italy didn’t look to have a reply. Italy was still at 38 with China moving up to 37.

The finish was in view with China motoring away from Italy who went to 40 as Germany and Romania came flying through battling for bronze. China had won, Italy second and Germany finished just a fraction ahead of Romania.


Jianan Chen, People's Republic of China, Gold
“The race was very good and I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Tokyo.”

Nadine Agyemang-Heard, Italy, Silver
“We started quite strong and were in front. We were able to finish strong.”

Lena Kolwey (b), Germany, Bronze
“We really enjoyed our race today! It’s a bit difficult with the heat but it’s been really exciting to have been racing at the Olympic venue.”

Re-watch the race here!


Results: GBR, DEN, IND

​Re-watch the race here!