Germany recorded the fastest time in the heats earlier in the week. But eights rowing in Romania has really picked up this season and Romania was also the gold medallists from the European Rowing Junior Championships. At the start is it was Germany in the lead with the Czech Republic in second. The Czechs had finished second at the European Rowing Junior Championships and they were now picking up the pace and trying to get ahead of Germany. Meanwhile Romania found themselves being challenged by Russia as this race continued to be rather close.

The Czech Republic took gold at last year’s World Rowing Junior Championships and three of those rowers remain in the boat and they were now using this experience to move into first. Germany tried to hold on as Romania and Russia continued to go neck-and-neck. Germany was now at 39 to try and overtake the Czechs who were rating. The Czech Republic went from 38 to 40. The Czechs remained in front but by just a fraction. The Germans took silver and Romania got the bronze.


Sofie Sumanova (c), Czech Republic, gold
“This is unbelievable, we didn’t think we would get to here. We actually didn’t know we had won, we thought we had come second and we were happy with that. It was not until we landed and our coach told us we won that we believe it.”

Lena Sarassa, Germany, silver
“Our start was really good, we were in front, but then we were battling it out with the Czechs at the end. Our sprint was pretty good, but it was better in our last race.”

Andreea Popa, Romania, bronze
“The race was really hard, but our coxswain made some good calls. I am really proud of my team, we’re really happy with the result, we worked really hard for this.”


It is not often that you see an American women’s eight in a b-final but they had just missed out on making the a-final in the repechage. They moved out in front and by the middle of the race they had open water over Belarus in second. Striking 36, the United States looked strong and will definitely be rowers to look at in the future. Australia was off the pace in third. Rating 37, then 38 the United States crossed the line in first.

Results: USA, BLR, AUS