During the heats earlier in the week Great Britain beat Germany. All crews then had to go through quarterfinals and semifinals to get to today’s final. Germany won one semifinal and Great Britain won the other. Today they were side-by-side in the middle lanes. At the start South Africa was the quickest before Italy picked up the pace and got to the first 500m mark in the lead. Italy’s Giulia Mignemi raced at the junior championships last year but in a different boat. South Africa held on to second as Canada began to move up.

Canada and Great Britain then matched each other stroke for stroke through the middle of the race before Holly Dunford and Zoe Adamson of Great Britain managed to squeeze away with Germany challenging Canada. Germany’s Maren Voelz and Nora Peuser now went to 40 and moved on the British. Great Britain went to 35 to just hold off the Germans with Canada in third.


Zoe Adamson (s), Great Britain, gold
“It was a very tight race, we really pushed at the 1000m mark. The Germany got really close, but we were not willing to let this go. Really enjoyed our time here, heats and semis have been good. This is my last year as a junior, so it has been great to win.”

Maren Voelz (b), Germany, silver
“It was a very good race, but clearly GB was better. We just really wanted a silver or gold and we knew we could do it. We are just very happy with the result.”

Grace Vandenbroek (b), Canada, bronze
“It was a very hard race, we came out fast. We knew we had to hold on and we had a really good chance for a spot on the podium. We both still have a year of juniors left, so we knew it was going to be very challenging, but we just laid it all out there.”


The Irish were silver medallists at the European Rowing Junior Championships and they overtook France to take the lead. Once Aoife Casey and Margaret Creman of Ireland were in front they tried to get away from France. But the French were not letting go and it was going to be a battle until the line. Rating 36 Ireland remained in front of France and they crossed the line in first with Ukraine doing a great finishing sprint.