Playing out like a real sporting drama, these rowers went through the heats then quarterfinals with silver medallist from 2017, Moritz Wolff of Germany setting a new junior World Best Time. Then reigning junior World Champion, Clark Dean of the United States raced to break it again in yesterday’s semifinals. Today Wolff and Dean met for the first time at this regatta and sat next to each other in the middle lanes. Australia’s Cormac Kennedy-Leverett led the way at the start with Germany, Belgium and the United States right on the pace.

Then disaster! Wolff capsized at the 750m mark. The picture of this race was about to change dramatically. Dean grabbed the opportunity and caught up with Kennedy-Leverett who must have been having the race of his life. These two scullers started to break away from the rest of the field. Rating a high 36, Dean moved away from Kennedy-Leverett as Tristan Vandenbussche of Belgium worked his way up to challenge the Australian. But then Dean clipped a buoy and came to a standstill. He picked it up again and retained the lead. Then Italy came flying down the side rating 39 to catch Vandenbussche. Dean had won, silver for Australia and a photo finish for third went Vandenbussche’s way.

Results: USA, AUS, BEL, BLR, ITA

Clark Dean, United States of America, gold
“Yeah that was a good race, it went according to plan. I think I’ve raced all the people in this final this year except for Moritz (GER). Going into this weekend I knew he was strong, but I’ve been really confident in my rowing. I’ve just jumped back into the single for the summer, basically a 2 month crash course in the 1x after rowing crew boats in school. I raced this year much different than last year. I knew the competition was a lot tighter so I had to race conservatively, and save energy for the last 500.

I didn’t think I would win again this year. Last year was amazing. I think to win again this year doesn’t show that I’m the best, but rather that I’ve worked the hardest throughout the year, that no one has surpassed me.”

Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, Australia, silver
“Really nice race on a phenomenal course! Had to change slightly due to the different conditions as there was no tail wind today. Tried hard to keep close to Clark to around 750 meters. This is my last year as a junior so I’ll try and make a Under23 crew next year.”

Tristan Vandenbussche, Belgium, bronze,
“Really hard race. I wanted to follow Australia at the start as he was really quick here. I actually thought I might come fourth but Germany fell in so I made a pushed. I’m really happy with third.”

Re-watch the race here


Uruguay had the fastest time of these crews following the semifinals and he was in third at the start. At the back of the field was New Zealand who fell out of his boat due to a breakage during the semi, when he was in second and just 200m to row. James Hall of New Zealand was given permission to race today, despite not being able to finish the race. Uruguay had also taken a swim, but did it after the finish line of his quarterfinal. The Czech Republic’s Gabriel Mahler led the way from the start and had built up a handy lead coming into the final sprint. Slovenia followed in second with the rest of the field tightly packed. Mahler continued to lead this fast finish. Then Slovenia’s Jaka Cas fell into the water. He had finished second.