Already the Danes caught a crab at the start. The stroke man tried to get it back as the rest of the field moved away. The first to show was Germany with the Czech Republic right there. The Czechs hit the 500m mark in first. The Czech Republic and Germany started to move away from the rest of the field together. They were staying clean, but water was splashing everywhere. France were in third.

The Czech Republic then managed to get a bit of an edge over Germany going through the middle of the race as France and the United States went neck-and-neck for the bronze medal spot. Fleissnew, Cincibuch, Bezdek and Zavadil of the Czech Republic continued to move away and they looked solid through the final sprint. The United States were now moving on Germany. Germany got there just ahead to hold on to silver.



Belgium and Australia had the best results of these B-final boats. But it was Russia who held the early lead with Greece the closest followers. Greece held a 38 stroke rate to keep up with Russia. Then Greece got into the lead as Belgium began to move up on Russia. The Greeks had done it with a 38 stroke rate as they crossed the line in first. Belgium got the better of Russia to take second.


Jan Zavadil (s), Junior Men's Quadruple Sculls, Czech Republic
“This was the perfect execution of our race plan. From the halfway mark we had clear water behind us, it was awesome!”

Matthias Fischer, Junior Men's Quadruple Sculls, Germany
“We have not really lost a gold medal, we think we’ve won a silver medal. We have done everything we could on this day.”

David Orner (b), Junior Men's Quadruple Sculls, United States of America
“It’s really exciting to be part of this crew and win the first ever medal for the USA in this event.”